Why dental implants?

By inserting a new tooth, the natural tooth function can be replicated, with a solid and stable foundation that you to chew normally. As an additional advantage, it is emphasized that it does not appear to be unnatural in the mouth, nor it leaves the feeling of discomfort.

1. Implants in the dentures can keep the durability of facial structures

The structure of the face remains intact as the implants prevent the bone resorption, which occurs after the removal of the teeth. This can be very important in cases where every tooth is missing. When the implants in the lower part of the mouth are not maintained to keep the jawbone intact, the lower third of the face collapses.

2. Your face is more beautiful if your new teeth are maintained

For every tooth that is missing, the aesthetic result is far more efficient and long-lasting, if the new tooth is on the implant, rather than when it is compensated by the creation of a bridge. In the frontal region, it is particularly prudent to stop bone resorption, as it drastically affects the final aesthetic result. To overcome the missing weight, you must not jeopardize your neighboring healthy teeth. A known method that allows the making of a tooth bridge is to grind the neighboring healthy teeth, and sometimes remove the nerves to cement the bridge to them. Healthy glut and dentine that are removed from these teeth cannot be recovered, the health in the long run of such teeth can be risked because they also have the load as missing carriers. These teeth can be decomposed, and after that, they must be exported. Replacement of lost teeth using a bridge or crown, that is located on the implants, is not requiring the grinding of natural teeth, so they are not compromised.

3. Easier maintenance of oral cleanliness

Cleaning up the remains of foods that are kept under the bridge can be much harder, than around the crown that is on the implant. It is also easier keeping dental implants in good condition than total dentures.

4. Bold exterior look

implantYour outer appearance will be greatly improved since implants prevent resorption of the forked bone. Also, wrinkles that appear around your lips with the loss of your teeth are eliminated. Collapses of the lower third of faces that occur with tooth loss are visually corrected, and the most important thing is that the rest of the bone can be preserved.

5. Improving self-confidence

People who carry fixed prosthesis on implants and enjoy their benefits point out that they have far greater confidence, are always happier with their physical appearance, comfort and know they did what they could to maintain their health.