Teeth Whitening

A brilliant smile attracts more attention. The bright teeth make us younger and more attractive. Regardless of the age or color of your teeth, today’s modern methods can achieve wonderful results. After the orthodontic correction of the teeth, sometimes the whitening of the teeth is a great way to an extremely nice smile.

Coffee, tea, smoking, and wine are just some of the little joys of life that leave us stains on your teeth or darken them and leave us an impression of an unattractive smile. Fortunately, there are methods for tooth whitening without damaging the teeth. The effect may take up to 10 years – tooth whitening is a great way to look younger.

Beyond Technology

This is a fast, efficient and modern way of whitening. Results can be expected in 45 minutes. This method has bleaching efficacy for 2 to 3 shades and with reduced tooth sensitivity by 75% compared to other methods. The procedure is performed in the clinic. After application of the gum protection gel, a tooth whitening gel is based on hydrogen peroxide, which is activated by a UV lamp of a certain wavelength of light that activates the gel.

Anti Age Tooth whitening

whiteThe latest achievements and knowledge in the field of tooth whitening suggest that long-lasting effects (5 years or more) are achieved by gradual whitening under the supervision of a dental doctor. The process itself is carried out at low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The majority of the bleaching gel contains desensitizing substances in them so that the sensitivity of the teeth rarely occurs.

After completing the questionnaire, consulting, taking photographs and determining the color of the teeth, we will help you decide which method is the best for your teeth whitening. If you want to achieve a quick effect with perhaps not so long-lasting effect, then it would be best to apply the procedure with the lamp in the office. The procedure lasts about 1 hour. The instructions for the patient are that they do not consume 2-3 days of dark food or drink and refrain from smoking.