Non-metallic crowns

Non-metallic crowns (ceramic) are the best material for prosthetic work at the moment. Our annual studies show the exceptional stability and durability of non-metallic crowns, and the achieved aesthetics are what distinguished this material and placed it in a convincing first place. When one or more teeth are lost, problems such as tooth movement in the jaw or obstruction of the jaw bone develop. By installing non-metallic ceramic crowns, these problems disappear.

Zirconium is excellent because with it you can achieve an excellent aesthetic effect. The refraction of light and the transparency of the zirconium are very similar to natural teeth. It should also be noted that this is one of the hardest metals and is used in space technologies. The non-metallic zirconium crowns have become primary relative to the crowns with a metal base. Metal-ceramic crowns are still quite popular. The primary reason for this is financial, everything else is on the side of non-metallic ceramics.

Non-metallic ceramics

crownIt is the peak of today’s dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry would be practically unimaginable without any non-metallic ceramics. The very method of making non-metallic ceramic crowns is: computer-aided scanning of prints, high precision grinding and laser cutting of zirconium leads to a precise fit of future non-metallic work without any long-lasting squeezing and pushing underneath. Grinding for non-metallic crowns goes just to the right, or half a millimeter below the gums (this gives the best aesthetic effect) so there is no threat or gum reaction to zirconium, and the material itself is biocompatible more than metal.

The aesthetic moment is also very important for every patient and us. With non-metallic ceramics, one can achieve something that could not be imagined with metalloceramic dental crowns. The most important result for us and our patients is quality, durability, and functionality of the prosthetic work itself so that we can stand behind our work for ten years and more.

The price of non-metallic crowns in recent years has become more and more affordable. Although the price of metalloceramic crowns is lower, due to all of the above, we recommend installing a non-metallic ceramic crown.